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of facials

Our facials are not just a relaxing spa experience-- they also offer a multitude of health benefits for your skin! Our experienced estheticians provide facial options for all skin types and will always make sure to keep your skin happy and healthy!


Rehydrate the Skin

Keeping the skin hydrated is very important. It keeps our skin staying soft and smooth and helps flush away toxins and carry nutrients to the skin cells. A facial can rejuvenate the layers of your skin that have become dehydrated.


Improve Imperfections

Facials are a skin treatments, which treat specific problems that you may be experiencing. Coming in for regular facials will improve your overall complexion. This can include balancing your skin tone, unclogging pores, soothing irritated skin, and reducing oil to prevent future breakouts.


Slow Down Premature Aging

As we age, collagen production (the protein that gives your skin shape and plumpness) slows down. And while we cannot avoid aging completely, adding facials into your routine will help boost the collagen productions, which will reduce the signs of aging.


Mental Health Benefits

Facial massages can cause serotonin and endorphins to be released into the bloodstream which in turn elevates your mood. It can also stimulate pain blockers and reduce the feelings associated with chronic pain. Take care of your body, mind and spirit the way it deserves to be taken care of!

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