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Service Provider

Level System

The Service Provider Level System at M.C. Beauty offers our clients options when it comes to salon/spa services as well as providing a career path for growth and achievement for our team members. Levels are based on what best compliments our providers' skill set, experience and client demand. Clients can then choose who best suits their wants, needs, and beauty budget! 



Our advanced training program is designed for recent graduates in cosmetology and esthetics. During their time in the program, they learn how to provide a premium client experience by working hands-on with one of our educators. This provides them with an incredible advantage when starting their career! While they continue to learn how we do things at M.C. Beauty, they will book services 20% off Level 1 pricing.

Level 1-2

These providers are typically newer to M.C. Beauty, or just completed the associate program, and are building up their clientele! They have received extensive training and are meeting customer satisfaction everyday. They LOVE referrals from happy clients and as their demand for time grows, they will be well on their way to another promotion.


Level 3-4

These service providers are successfully growing their clientele, have busy schedules and they meet benchmarks such as customer satisfaction and referrals from happy clients! Their prices are lower than our highest level and appointments can usually be made sooner.

Level 5-6

These are the leaders in the salon company, as their services are the most in demand! They book several weeks or more in advance, have the most hands-on experience and meet other benchmarks such as customer satisfaction and referrals from happy clients. Hairstylists at this level will often have a stylist (or two) observing and/or helping out with your service.

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